Norwegian Marine University Consortium

An academic forum for cooperation on marine and maritime research, education and infrastructure

The Secretariat is in charge with the implementation of the strategic, operational decisions and activities proposed by the board of NMU. The Secretariat is headed by an Executive Officer (EO) who is employed at the University of Bergen with the approval of the Board. 

Duties of the Executive Officer

  • To support the day-to-day operations of the consortium
  • To act a liaison among the member institutions and forge adequate communication channels to keep the consortium informed about, and encourage the participation at, processes and activities of the European Marine Board (EMB)
  • To be instrumental in the implementation of the consortium´s goals and objectives at the national level
  • To encourage and facilitate/coordinate cooperation in research, education and infrastructure within the consortium
  • Is the official NMU representative at European Marine Board and other international fora where the consortium has a representation
  • To act as secretary to the Board and General Assembly and to assist the board leader
  • The Board can dictate additional assignments to the EO and the provision of ad-hoc committees for this purpose.

    Dr. Susanna Pakkasmaa is appointed Executive Officer for the period 2019-2022.